Study in Canada: Detailed Application Procedure

Are you looking to study in Canada but don’t know how to go about the process? Or you’re traveling with you’re kids, hoping to get them enrolled into a Canadian high school? Well, a lot of people want to migrate to Canada, and this urge is not unconnected to the fact that Canada is a land of many opportunities with good governance, and a top-class education system. This article focuses on how to study a university program in Canada; the processes to follow, and how to get your student visa.

Note: In Canada, universities are also referred to as “Post-secondary institutions.”

Study in Canada: Detailed Application Procedure

Studying in Canada can be pretty expensive, but you can get a part-time job to earn more money to support yourself.

First Step:

Every process begins with a “First Step.” What’s the first step here? To get started, you need to identify the course you want to study. Interestingly, there are so many programs offered in Canadian universities.

When you have settled for a course/program to study in Canada, it is important that you check to see the qualifications for studying that course. Some programs require you get at least a certain number of A’s or B’s in your O’level exams.

If you check the qualifications, and you’re eligible, that’s when to proceed to the next step.

Second Step:

Now, search for universities that offer the program you want to study in. There are hundreds of good universities in Canada; apparently, you’d find at least 10 that offer the exact course you want to study. Well, if no Canadian university offers your course, you can check out vocation institutions.

Third Step:

At this time, you’d be talking about the application; how can you apply to study your course at your choice Canadian university? Every university in Canada has a website, and you can find out all the info about the school on their website. So, visit the website of the school you want to apply to, and follow the registration procedures outlined there.

Note: It is advisable to apply to Canadian universities at least one year before the time you want to start your study.

Fourth Step:

After you have applied, you just have to wait to be accepted by the school. Once you’re accepted to study in a Canadian university, the next thing to do is to apply for a Student Visa. Canadian students’ visa application is fully done online, regardless of whether you’re already in or outside the country. The entire process can be completed on the CIC website, here.

What More? Plan your Travel

At this stage, all you should plan to do is how to travel to Canada. However, there is quite other relevant information you may want to know about studying in Canada. You can find out more on the official Canadian immigration website, here.

Apparently, you should know that you’d be asked to provide proof of funds and medical reports before your student application would be completed.


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